June 19, 2012

Suck it T-Mobile.

Dear T-Mobile,

To whom it may concern, you suck beyond a reasonable doubt. How dare you not provide decent service in my home, or on my drive to/from work?

Your logical solution is for me to extend my service (another 2 years) with said "crap" service by purchasing a signal booster. (which will only help in my house, but leaves me service-less on the road) Or, to suggest I utilize my phone via wi-fi. Thank you, oh so ever kindly for being so generous with your solutions. Really. Please do not trouble yourselves on my account. I mean, it's only been crappy service for 8 months and we only have 16 months left in our contract, so I don't see the need for you to go out of your way to please me...your customer. Instead, I will continue to pay $271 per month and pay Cox Communications an additional $300 per month, so we can have the wi-fi service needed to operate the phones we purchased from T-Mobile. And if I get stuck on the side of the road in a 10-mile dead zone area, that's okay, I am sure I will understand. 

And to the Customer Care Manager  who didn't like my tone, or my random burst of profanity.... Waa! When I have to declare where Interestate 40 is over and over again, because I'm not able to provide you a physical address, I'm gonna get upset. Seriously!?!? It's an INTERSTATE. A ROAD THAT RUNS EAST/WEST THROUGH THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THERE IS NO ADDRESS!!!! agh! 

Now you want me to call again in 72 hours and check on that "service" order? Okay. I will and I will continue to pay you $271 per month, because I love you oh so much and the service you provide so well. Not. I will pay you for the next 16 months, or until you ever so kindly let me out of my contract, which I hope happens soon. (Crossing fingers) 



  1. Girl, I was very very unfortunately w TMobile years ago and I concur: they are the WORST!!!!

    1. Their lack of ownership for the problem infuriates me. Holy Cow, I can go from 0 to B$$$H in about .5 seconds when I am on the phone with them. Agh! Then to be on the phone with them for nearly an hour, chasing my tail didn't help! haha.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Oh my goodness- what horrible service! I've never had T Mobile but I will certainly stay away! I hope you can get out of your contract or get it fixed soon!

    1. Yes! Stay away from T-Mobile! As soon as I can, I am running for the hills! haha Thanks for the comment!


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