June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters!

Linking up with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's letters.


Dear Friday: As always, it's a pleasure seeing you again. Dear Lauren: I will miss you, but I know you are ready to see what the next chapter in your life brings! I wish you could stay in OKC, but Dallas isn't that far away. We will visit! Dear Jayden: Thanks for making me laugh. Your bluntness really catches me off guard sometimes (a lot). P.S. I'm documenting here, on my blog, that I did my hair today. :0) Dear Thunder: Welcome Home, Boys! I wish I could have been at the welcome home party, instead I was hammering out reports for this craptastic client that I loathe so much. Dear Laundry Mat: We shall meet again this evening thanks to our washer going kaput. Dear Condo at Table Rock Lake: 24 hours baby and we will be meeting you! (So. Stinking. Excited.) Dear kids:  You better be on your VERY BEST BEHAVIOR during the car trip ("DON'T MAKE US PULL THIS CAR OVER!") You shall also remain on said best behavior the remainder of the week or there shall be h#ll to pay! Dear Lucky: Did you really have to shart on our bed last night? Seriously. No washer = big (stinky) problems, Mister! Dear Puppies: I will miss your sweet wittle faces this week. Dear T-Mobile: Time is up - I will be chatting with you soon, biatches.  Better be ready! 



  1. oh no! cant believe lucky did that!! and good luck with tmobile!! super cute blog by the way girl and great list! have a great friday! xo

    1. Yes, Lucky is a bad, bad boy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love your letters miss! Found your blog from Ashelys page and wanted to say hello!

    Happy to be your newest bloggy friend & follower :)!

    Say hi back sometime?


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