April 19, 2012


5 days into the 60 day workout program. So far, so good. I'm hoping it will help me lose some weight, inches, and tone up! It hasn't been as bad as I expected it to be. Of course, I'm not completing every task 100%, either. (The warm-ups are worse than the actual workouts, I think!) We take a lot of breaks and I have to check my heart monitor (mainly for additional breaks! ha). All in all, it's a good program. I'm excited to continue on with it, but I sure am looking forward to a day of rest Saturday! Whoop!


April 5, 2012

To Blog or not to Blog?

I really have no idea why I started a blog. Perhaps it's because I can spend mindless hours in my downtime at work, scouring through blogs of all sorts. Fashion. Life. Food. Fitness. You name it, I'm into it. I always walk away from blogs feeling so inspired. 

Maybe this blog will inspire someone someday. Who knows. 

It's very therapeutic, but also challenging. Throughout the day, I wonder what will my topic be today? I don't want to be boring. I don't want to be overly fake-fantastic, either. I want it to be real. Funny and sad. Good and bad. Real. 


April 4, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

  • Today is my husband's 40th birthday! We are laying low today and then going to enjoy The Melting Pot this weekend with his parents!
  • I'm two days behind in working out. (I really had good intentions this week.....I even made a schedule.)
  • I'm still super proud of the Jayhawks, no matter what the haters say. :)
  • Tomorrow at work, we are celebrating two birthdays and going to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. YUMMY!
  • My diet needs some major attention. This week hasn't been the best week for me. Ugh. I was doing so well, too!  
  • I'm over the rain. My flowers are drowning. 
  • We ran a 5k this weekend. Of course hubby killed us girls, but it was still fun. I had a personal best in time, so I am pretty excited about that. I love that 6 months ago I couldn't run 90 seconds without practically dying, but now I can run (mostly) 3 miles in a race!