June 6, 2012

Life has stopped....

It appears that life has stopped for the Cunningham's. I'm here to tell you that we are alive and kicking, but life has somewhat stopped for us. Where do I begin?

Our kids, all three of them, have played competitive soccer for several seasons now. We just completed our Spring season and have decided to take a year off. You would think that would be a huge relief to us....and it is. However, we don't know how to act. We haven't had a summer in YEARS! 

Jason has gone to spend the summer with his family. (more about that in another post, on another day). Our kids have decided to go to Kansas and spend time with family. It's just the hubby and I. We are definitely enjoying "us" time, but we are a little dazed and confused. It's......weird. Nice, but weird. 

I feel bad not having blogged in several days, but nothing exciting has really happened. We tend to put so much emphasis on our kids and their lives, that we forget about us. It's a huge shock to our system to go and do as we please, shop on a work night, and sleep in our underwear! Whoot!

We did get our pool ready and we did enjoy a swim Monday night.

Much better, eh?

It's clear enough we can see the bottom and see the pesky holes from the grass growing through our liner. 

Last night, we shopped all around OKC trying to find Thunder apparel for the big game tomorrow night. We aren't actually going to the game, but we ARE going to hang with friends (in public) and watch the game. (Because that's what parents do when their kids are away.)

We had Genghis Grill for the first time. I almost forgot to share this experience, but remembered half-way 3/4 of the way through. 

Genghis Grills is Mongolian Stir-fry in a casual atmosphere. The first time going is a little intimidating, because you don't want to mess anything up. (I don't think you can mess anything up, except maybe get too many hot peppers in your bowl.) It was good, just pricey. I have heard a lot of good things about it, so it was nice to give it a try without the kids. We will eat there again and be pros at this bowl-making-business! ;0)

Tonight is Thunder Night! (This is coming from a girl who truly doesn't like the NBA, but is enjoying the play-offs). Like I said before, we are going out with adult friends, in public, on a school work night. I hope we don't break curfew! :0) Pictures will be taken, just to prove to everyone us that we really do have friends and we can have fun without the kids! We will be cheering on the OKC Thunder as they battle against the Spurs for a chance to advance to Finals. It's an exciting time around the OKC metro these days. Everyone is buzzing about the Thunder! 



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