June 28, 2012

Am I the only one?

Today I am linking up with Dana at five30three. If you would like to join in on the link up, hop on over to Dana's blog and have fun! 


Am I the only one......

.....who can't take good pictures of themselves?

....who doesn't like cats?

....who is a sucker for good french fries. Anywhere. 

....that wakes up puffy-eyed and messy-haired. (And I am not talking about in a hot mess kind of way. I am talking like in a gross mess kind of way!)

...hates to watch golf of any kind. It is automatic snooze-ville for me. ZZZzzzz

....in the blog world that doesn't have a DSLR? (soon my friends. Soon.)

....that puts so much creamer & sweet n' low in my coffee, that it looks like chocolate milk? (see exhibit A.)

Exhibit A. 

....that thinks the movie "Step Brothers" is dumb and not funny?

...who cries like a baby when her parents leave. 

Thanks for the fun little link up, Dana! 



  1. New follower - found you through this link up.
    I hate golf, too!

    1. Thank you for following and the comment! :o) Maybe if I was a more patient person, I would appreciate the sport more. In the meantime, I will consider my self the designated golf cart driver! ;0) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. These are great! I'm totally with you on the coffee. My husband always asks if I'd like some coffee with my cream. It's practically white, but that's how I like it!

    And no, I think cats are the nastiest things ever. Sami of Sami's Shenanigans introduced me to an app called "Add a Kitty" which lets you add weird, ugly, creepy cats into your pictures. It's really pretty funny!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you for the fun link up, I will do it again! I will have to check out Sami's "Add a Kitty" fun.

      **hanging head in shame** we had to have our cat put down while on vacation, due to a rare disease it encountered. I was sad for my daughter, because that cat was her baby. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the furry little felines and give them a chance.....


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