August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Work - I knew you couldn't do it. Even after you sent a special email first thing Monday morning,declaring that Friday wasn't an early close day, you folded. Thank you!

Dear Broker - Thank you for the chocolatey treat today! I shall gripe at you less from now on! 

Dear Netflix - It's on like Donkey Kong this weekend. I'm so excited to dig into Breaking Bad and see what all of the fuss is about. 

Dear DC Cupcake - I've been watching you on Netflix lately and I'm hooked. If you know me, you know that I would DIE to have a cupcake shop. Of course, I have to be good at making cupcakes and have money to pursue that dream, but you know details schmetails. However, in the meantime I have stalked your website and see that you deliver in the lower 48. Even though it costs $29 for a dozen of your visually delicious cupcakes and nearly that same amount for shipping, I'm willing to pony up the dough. Call me cray cray, but if you are good enough to be on TV, you are good enough to be in my stomach no matter the cost. 

Dear furbabies - You know mama gets these crazy ideas to invite more furbabies to live with us. (Some that actually have furrish like skin: pigs. And some that don't: turtles.) Bear with me in my moments of weakness. Although, it seems like a good idea for about 5 seconds, reality sets in and I realize it is not so much. Besides, after seeing this pathetic look when we talked about Glitzy moving in, how can I proceed with that process? (This is a bad example, but the one I took of him with flash won't upload.....grrrrr!)

Dear 3-Day weekend - Booyah! 

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It's Okay Thursday!

It's okay that I have been obsessing over the "Posh Pigs" website today. (This is where Glitzy came from.)

It's okay that I had this for breakfast....
It was food day, ya'll! Yay for August Birthdays!

It's okay that I'm a wee bit bitter that we don't get to leave early tomorrow. Tradition is we leave early the day before a Holiday, so the sudden change kinda blows.

It's okay that we get free lunch, though! 

It's okay that I have been a complete lazy ass all week. 

It's okay that I noticed today that I have lost nearly 12 pounds since December. Hmmm.....

It's okay that I rewarded that little discovery with a 2nd plate of food, which included bread pudding!

It's okay that I hate my hair so much right now, that I might not make it until next week's hair appt. without pulling it out. Potential new look? (except not blonde)

It's okay that I tried like a mad woman to get this to post last night, but it wouldn't, so here you have It's okay Thursday on a Friday. 

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August 28, 2012

Let's Talk Tuesday!

Hola Readers! I am digging the title of this post.....kind of catchy, eh? I think I might incorporate it into a future link up. *wink*

There is so much to talk about and one topic doesn't necessarily have a direct correlation to the next. So instead of just announcing this as a ramble post, I wanted you all to dig a little deeper and figure it out on your own. Doh! Too late. 

Hmmm - a few weird things to talk about that has happened to me in the last 2 days. (And both happened at work!)

1). My computer crashed (again) at work. I was on the internet while running reports and boom.....kaput. (Kaput is courtesy of my High School German class. One of the few words I can still recall to this day). 

Anyway, I digress. So yeah, I had to scramble around and send a report to one of my broker's via a co-workers computer. This was a last minute, under the wire, kind of report. I was leaving straight up 4 and this report had to be sent. And so it was. 

Now, I'm not 100% sure what the deal is with my work computer, but this is the 2nd time I have killed a computer in a month's time. Like dead killed. New hard drive killed. Today, our IT guy was asking all of the normal questions......"What were you doing when it crashed?" My reply, "Working - running a report for XXX and maybe lurking on the internet a bit." "Was anything acting weird when it crashed?" My reply, "No sir. The screen unexpectedly froze up on me and I couldn't kill anything with the task manager, so I shut it down right away. When it rebooted, I got this error you are seeing now." His response......"Interesting." My thoughts during this whole convo with the IT guy......"Please! Oh Please! Do not let him know I was in the middle of pimping my blog when this happened. What if one of the sites I was on was crazy infected with viruses. They all looked legit, but who I am? I don't know this stuff!?!?!? I just relied on my friend google to teach me how to pimp my blog and look what happens. Shit! I'm doomed. 2nd hard drive to crash in a month. So going to be fired for this one. FO SHO. 

After about 4 -5 hours of wasted time, I finally got a new hard drive and I was up and running. (The funny thing is that the computer I got today, was the same computer I crashed a few weeks ago, just new and improved. And with Windows 7! Boom!!)

So that was my morning.

Then, not even 30 minutes after I get my computer back and begin working diligently (seriously, scared to even say internet around my computer now), the power goes out. Not just a little flicker and it's back on. I'm talking a transformer blew and wiped out a few blocks worth of badness. Of course, our sophisticated system allowed our computers to come back on, so that sucked. 

Cons with power going out:
Still have to work - they freakishly maneuvered all of our computers to still work, even in a situation like this. Bastards.
The tv isn't on the "resuscitate no matter what" list, like our computers are. Bastards.
The water filter system doesn't work and we all were sporting empty glasses. Bastards.
We are on the 20th floor and the nearest food place is in the basement. The elevators were out of order, due to lack of electricity. Bastards. 

Pros with power going out:
No pros. Bastards. 

Let's recap. We can't watch tv, but we can work. We can't eat or drink, but we can work. We can't go anywhere, unless we want to book it down 20 flights of stairs, but we can work. Bastards.

The electricity came back up about 45 minutes later. Bastards. I was hoping for an early escape from work. bwahahahaha

Moving on....

Who watched Bachelor Pad last night? Ermahgerd. What a riot that show is.

First of all, I know that Chris is not a popular guy these days due to his actions on Bachelor Pad. Of course, no one really liked him on the Bachelorette, but I kind of have a soft spot for Chris. (I'm an underdog kind of person, what can I say?)

So last week I was super excited when Kalon spilled the beans and convinced Chris to take Erica with him into the voting room. That turned the whole night around and Erica and Michael went packing. (Erica was voted out and she got to choose ANY guy in the house to leave). Power play!

This week, Chris and Sarah were the complete underdogs! (GO TEAM!) They pulled out their safety for the week, by spelling SERENDIPITY correctly (and by the skin of their teeth).

Ed and Jacqulyn came in 2nd place, so that got to go on a romantic getaway where Ed professed his love for someone else. Doh! Jacqulyn, who is dumb, naive, and obviously horny didn't think too much of Ed's confession and continued to play the part of his stand-in lover. (Hey you know Ed has the bad boy reputation already. I mean he broke Jillian's heart a time or two. Don't you read the tabloids?)

I couldn't help myself. I had to peek ahead at the spoilers to see what happens. I have never, ever, ever in my life watched Bachelor Pad, so how it ends shocked me. (the whole keep/share mumbo jumbo). 

Oh Bachelor trashy thy art thou.

Anybody watch Big Brother? Double Ermahgerd. Funny how Bachelor Pad and Big Brother are paralle. (Frank vs. Chris/Sarah - everyone is fighting like hell to get rid of them and they just.won't. go.)

Ian - what a crack up! That kid is HILARIOUS! He is just coming right out of his quiet, innocent shell he was once living in. 

Anyway, I will write more about BB tomorrow, after it airs. I think things are about to get vewy, vewy interesting. 

Stay tuned! 

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August 27, 2012

Unexpected "Free" Weekend!

I had every intention of writing today, telling all of you lovelies about my fabulous weekend away with my husband, attending a Surprise Party for my friend, Leanna. 


We didn't go out of town.
We didn't attend the surprise party.
We didn't have a fabulous evening in a stunning hotel.
We didn't drink ourselves into a sickening furry.
We didn't feel hungover Sunday, because of Saturday night's festivities. 
We didn't take any photos of said fun event.


Our daughter became ill on Friday, which meant no school for her, cancelling of Scott's parents to travel from Kansas to spend the weekend with the kids, and cancelling our hotel reservations. 


Please don't think for a second that we sat around all weekend enjoying the unexpected free time. I mean, really? Movies, naps, and relaxation....who does that?

NOT US.....

I mean, I'm sure 3 out of 4 of the Cunningham's would have loved to have a nice, relaxing weekend. Little did they know I had been plotting a bathroom makeover.


A simple paint job is all I wanted. Nothing major. Just painting. How long can that take?

Tyler's thoughts on painting....
Old sink. Nice brass fixtures, eh?
Can you say DISGUSTING?
Disgusting x2!!!!
Yay for scrolly wood.....not!
Walls before....
Old light fixture gone!
Our tub was our storage area while working!
New sink!
Old sink! (A nice change, eh?)
Baxter is spent. Too much painting for him! 
Most people take baths by candlelight.
 I take baths by contractor light!
New light fixture!
New paint! (And new vanity!)
Almost finished


Now, I wish we enjoyed the weekend relaxing! I'm tired and sore and desperately wanted to call in sick today! (But my bathroom looks good!!!)

I might take a real bath, by real light tonight! 

Happy Monday, lovelies! Link Up!!! 


August 21, 2012

What does a girl do....

...when she can't sleep?

Well, if you are this girl and this situation happened, say, a few hours ago. This is what you did:

Roll around bed like a tantrum-throwing child.

Look at the clock a few dozen times. It's still only 3 something?

Grab your Nook (which was conveniently placed bedside) and Pinterest the s**t outta stuff. (Nook calls Pinterest "Pinhog" in the app store. Yep, that fits.)

Put Nook away. You are starting to get sleepy. There's a chance you might get another 30 minutes of solid sleep. 

But wait, you must pee first! 

What's that? Still awake? For Shame! Now what?

Grab cell phone and check out what's going on in your world.

No decent emails. blech
Nothing good on Facebook. double blech.
(Just realized I forgot about Twitter. boo!)

Finally, when the clock strikes 5:00, you do a mini celebration because it is a "decent" time to get out of bed and start your day with....

Balancing Checkbook!
Checking Scentsy Orders!
Wishing Facebook friends a Happy Birthday!
All while warming up your curling iron and flat iron! 

Now that it is nearly 6:00, you will have to "rush" to get ready for work. Lucky for you, you showered before bed last night. 

Say goodbye to your friends ("Bye, friends!")

Click Publish

Close Laptop
Have a great Tuesday peeps!

August 20, 2012

Photo Dump #2


Photo Dump #1

Prepare yourselves, kids! I have finally downloaded all of the photos from our new camera. Our new camera that is now nearly 2 months old. :0(