August 21, 2012

What does a girl do....

...when she can't sleep?

Well, if you are this girl and this situation happened, say, a few hours ago. This is what you did:

Roll around bed like a tantrum-throwing child.

Look at the clock a few dozen times. It's still only 3 something?

Grab your Nook (which was conveniently placed bedside) and Pinterest the s**t outta stuff. (Nook calls Pinterest "Pinhog" in the app store. Yep, that fits.)

Put Nook away. You are starting to get sleepy. There's a chance you might get another 30 minutes of solid sleep. 

But wait, you must pee first! 

What's that? Still awake? For Shame! Now what?

Grab cell phone and check out what's going on in your world.

No decent emails. blech
Nothing good on Facebook. double blech.
(Just realized I forgot about Twitter. boo!)

Finally, when the clock strikes 5:00, you do a mini celebration because it is a "decent" time to get out of bed and start your day with....

Balancing Checkbook!
Checking Scentsy Orders!
Wishing Facebook friends a Happy Birthday!
All while warming up your curling iron and flat iron! 

Now that it is nearly 6:00, you will have to "rush" to get ready for work. Lucky for you, you showered before bed last night. 

Say goodbye to your friends ("Bye, friends!")

Click Publish

Close Laptop
Have a great Tuesday peeps!


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