August 13, 2012

Big. Fat. Liar.

I'm talking about me. Big. Fat. Liar. What did I say I would do on Friday? I said I would catch up on reading my favorite blogs from this past week. Did I do that? No, I didn't. *hanging head in shame*.

This is how I spent my weekend:

Friday night: We were kid-free, so the hubs and I spent a nice, quiet, romantic evening finishing a jigsaw puzzle. No, really. That's how we roll.

Saturday was our first opportunity to visit a local farmers market. I was so excited, because typically you can purchase a lot of produce for super cheap. Well - I was wrong. We spent nearly $40 and got a gigantic watermelon, two onions, 4 tomatoes, strawberry jam, and 2 lbs of mixed breed (kidding) meat.

After that adventure we went home to make lunch and then spend a good portion of our afternoon getting taken advantage of by Dish Network. We were completely going to switch over as we are paying $235 per month for Cox Communications services and were enticed with relatively cheap prices with satellite services. We were good with the whole Dish Network option until they started drafting money out of our account left and right. After being on continuous hold for nearly an hour, the hubs cancelled the Dish service and I pleaded with Cox Communications for a discount, threatening to cancel our services. $70 less for 6 months is what we got, but we will take it. 

Oh and Dish Network will be happy to return our money to us in 3-5 days. Bastards. Did you know they charge you $50 just to talk to a representative about signing up for Dish? What a crock.

Saturday evening the hubs and I went to dinner to celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss. I cringe thinking about how often we celebrate milestones in our lives with food. Lemme tell you - I love food. I wasn't kicking and screaming all the way to the restaurant...I was excited to go. Excited to shovel a boat load of food inside my mouth and into my ever-growling stomach and drink up that delicious bottle of wine. 

Then I think about how I want to be healthy and fit. I want to be proud of myself for getting myself into a healthy routine and sporting an awesome figure. I seem to say a meal won't ruin this. It's just one meal. One meal. Oops, I meant 17 meals. Nope now 30. I will start my diet on Monday.....

I had been telling the kids that starting next week we were all going to be eating healthier. Carrot sticks vs. potato chips. They moaned and groaned, but I think they are somewhat on board. It's funny how when I think about how gross processed food is, it gives me the eebie jeebies. Yet, I am a sucker for eating it. We all are. The kids love processed food. I know I can't transform any of us overnight, but I want to give it a nice effort. All I am asking of my kids is more fruits and vegetable and trying to eat less processed (and definitely less fast food).

Yesterday consisted of meal planning. Clean-eating meal planning and grocery shopping. 3 hours and $200 later, we were stocked with healthy eats for a few days. I know the bulk of our purchases were to get the pantry stocked with essential clean-eating staple items. I don't plan on eating clean 100% of the time right now, but I do plan on giving it a great effort. 

I even packed my breakfast and lunch today. It's progress. It's only one day, but hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to report that it's been 17 days or 30 days. 

Oh yeah, and the other thing I did yesterday was watch 5-6 episodes of Dallas. I had gotten behind on that show and my co-worker said the finale was this past Wednesday and it was fabulous. I had to see what the fuss was all about, so I got comfy on the sofa and watched episode after episode. OH EM GEE! That show is amazing! I'm hooked and super disappointed that it's not coming back on until January. 

Well anyway kids...I better get to work Hope you all have a LOVELY Monday! 

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