August 31, 2012

It's Okay Thursday!

It's okay that I have been obsessing over the "Posh Pigs" website today. (This is where Glitzy came from.)

It's okay that I had this for breakfast....
It was food day, ya'll! Yay for August Birthdays!

It's okay that I'm a wee bit bitter that we don't get to leave early tomorrow. Tradition is we leave early the day before a Holiday, so the sudden change kinda blows.

It's okay that we get free lunch, though! 

It's okay that I have been a complete lazy ass all week. 

It's okay that I noticed today that I have lost nearly 12 pounds since December. Hmmm.....

It's okay that I rewarded that little discovery with a 2nd plate of food, which included bread pudding!

It's okay that I hate my hair so much right now, that I might not make it until next week's hair appt. without pulling it out. Potential new look? (except not blonde)

It's okay that I tried like a mad woman to get this to post last night, but it wouldn't, so here you have It's okay Thursday on a Friday. 

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