August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

OH EM GEE! How ridiculously pathetic am I? I haven't been on my blog at all this week. This is sad for two reasons. 1) I'm not keeping up with the agenda already 2) I have missed out on some uber good reads this week, I'm sure. 

Well.....guess what?!?! I'm here now and my weekend is pretty clear, so I plan on catching up and sending some love to my favorite bloggers. 

Without further ado, let's get on to Friday's Letters! 

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Dear Weekend - It's always a pleasure to see you! This has been a long week, so your appearance is GREATLY appreciated.

Dear Kids - School starts next weekend. A Freshman and a 7th grader. Wow! You guys are growing up so fast. 

Dear Hubs - We made it! 15 years without killing each other of wedded bliss. Many more years to come! Oh and Thanks again for the Nook. Maybe I shall repay you with nookie? 

Dear Chaz Dean - I'm excited to get my introductory kit in the mail tomorrow! I love, love, love  your products and can't wait to have them auto shipped to my house on a regular basis! 

Dear Healthy Habits - Due to the recent illness in my left ear, I have refrained from regular exercise and regular healthy eating (like not at all). With all of that being said, I have made it clear that the entire family will be partaking in clean eating habits starting this next week. Although Tyler thinks he has reached H*LL by having to do this, I keep assuring him he will be A-OK. 

Dear Swimmer's Ear - Good Riddance! That is all.

Dear Friday Afternoon Traffic - Ease the H*LL up already! You know I have Flinstone Feet straight up 4:00. Please don't delay my weekend due to ridiculous drivers. 

Dear Weather - Thanks for the rain earlier this weekend and the cool down in temps. I like you again.

Dear Readers - Much love.



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