August 27, 2012

Unexpected "Free" Weekend!

I had every intention of writing today, telling all of you lovelies about my fabulous weekend away with my husband, attending a Surprise Party for my friend, Leanna. 


We didn't go out of town.
We didn't attend the surprise party.
We didn't have a fabulous evening in a stunning hotel.
We didn't drink ourselves into a sickening furry.
We didn't feel hungover Sunday, because of Saturday night's festivities. 
We didn't take any photos of said fun event.


Our daughter became ill on Friday, which meant no school for her, cancelling of Scott's parents to travel from Kansas to spend the weekend with the kids, and cancelling our hotel reservations. 


Please don't think for a second that we sat around all weekend enjoying the unexpected free time. I mean, really? Movies, naps, and relaxation....who does that?

NOT US.....

I mean, I'm sure 3 out of 4 of the Cunningham's would have loved to have a nice, relaxing weekend. Little did they know I had been plotting a bathroom makeover.


A simple paint job is all I wanted. Nothing major. Just painting. How long can that take?

Tyler's thoughts on painting....
Old sink. Nice brass fixtures, eh?
Can you say DISGUSTING?
Disgusting x2!!!!
Yay for scrolly wood.....not!
Walls before....
Old light fixture gone!
Our tub was our storage area while working!
New sink!
Old sink! (A nice change, eh?)
Baxter is spent. Too much painting for him! 
Most people take baths by candlelight.
 I take baths by contractor light!
New light fixture!
New paint! (And new vanity!)
Almost finished


Now, I wish we enjoyed the weekend relaxing! I'm tired and sore and desperately wanted to call in sick today! (But my bathroom looks good!!!)

I might take a real bath, by real light tonight! 

Happy Monday, lovelies! Link Up!!! 


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  1. Well, you definitely were ambitious over the weekend, weren't you! The bathroom really looks a lot better though--you made good use of your time though your plans changed!


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