July 1, 2012

The Cat.

Not too long ago I posted about our cat, Lucky. Let me rephrase that....my daughter's cat. He's a sweet cat and she loves him dearly, however, I am just not a "cat person". Give me a dog any day, but cats kind of freak me out. 

This particular cat had huge eyes. (Freaky, I say.) 

Did you catch that I said he had huge eyes? Well....on day 4 of our vacation, the lady who was pet-sitting for us called. She said she wanted to do a fecal on the cat, because he was looking awfully thin and his eyes were turning white, which indicated blindness. (The pet-sitter also works at the vet office, in which we take our animals).

A couple of hours later she called and said she had some bad news. The cat tested positive for a disease that is equivalent to human aids. It is deadly and highly contagious (only in felines), so she suggested that we put him down right away. 

I cried. I admit to you all, I cried. He was a good cat, even though I don't like cats. More than that though, he was my daughter's best friend. I was sad for her. She is an animal lover to the core and I was sad that she had to deal with another devastating cat loss.  (We have had very little success with cats in the past 15 years....maybe that's why I am not a fan?!?!?!)

Anyway, we initially told April to just wait until we got back and we would take care of it first thing Monday morning. After much thought and discussion with Jayden, we decided it would be best for April to go ahead and take care of it, so it was done and over with when we got back. 

Even though it was a tough decision, it was best for Jayden to handle it this way. When we arrived home yesterday, she didn't cry when she saw his food bowl. She didn't cry when she saw his litter box. She didn't cry when the pet-sitter/vet worker came to drop of the key and pick up her check. She didn't cry when April offered condolences with a hug. She was strong...much stronger than I ever imagined she would be, given the circumstances. I'm proud of her.

Goodbye, Lucky. You were a good friend to us, especially Jayden, and I thank you for that.  I even forgive you for sharting on my bed last week. It is obvious now that you had no control over your body as it was failing you pretty quickly. 

Rest in Peace, Lucky.  You will be missed. I will miss you. 



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