July 16, 2012

Stressed spelled backwards = Desserts

Or is it Desserts spelled backwards = Stressed? Either way, that statement is true. I think I took my "carbing up" for the ole' diet this weekend a bit too far. As I am sitting here now, typing my blog, I keep thinking to myself: "Get up. Get on the treadmill. You will feel so much better." However, here I sit. Doing nothing, except wishing I could take a nap. Just a nice, little siesta is all I need. 

Why am I so freaking sleepy? Seriously. Just because I noshed on onion burgers, popcorn, ice cream, and chicken alfredo (all yesterday) doesn't mean I should be zonked out all day, does it? 

I'm telling you.....I take this carbing up thing seriously. 

I think I need chocolate. Pronto.

Pronto? As in Pronto Pup? 




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