July 23, 2013

Day 9 of 10!

Okay, let's see how this all went down. It's been a few days,  so I'm a little fuzzy.

Last Wednesday was day 9 for me. I had gained a pound from day 8, so momma was not a happy camper come day 9. I pretty much threw in the towel that day and ate Chili's for lunch, followed by Taco Bell for dinner. I stepped on the scale day 10 and lost nearly a pound. Ain't that a bitch?!?!?

Yes it was.

I wanted so badly to complete this 10 days and I wanted so badly to have the 10 pound loss. Neither of those things happen, which is fine. I tried it. I did work a little, then it stopped. Some say it could be that my body went into starvation mode and held on to everything. I dunno enough about the science and what not to argue one way or another. All I know is, it's very frustrating to work so hard and sacrifice so much for a few short days, to be slapped in the face with a pound gain.

I do believe there is a method to her madness. I did see a difference in my "flab" over the course of this, so mad props to clean eating. It does work.

I think her system could have been just as effective with a variety of foods, versus the same thing for 10 days straight, 3 times per day. It was so hard to stomach some of the food and even now, I don't want to really eat or think about chicken. I'm kind of burned out..

Again, like I said above, I think there's a method to her madness that could very easily work and work well for some. For me, I need variety. I was a little hesitant of that going into it, but didn't think it would be that bad. It was.

I learned lessons, though, and I plan on using them throughout my journey. I have since signed up for Weight Watchers, because I need an accountability system and I know WW works when used correctly. After having a few bad days (okay several), I was at 162.6 again this morning, so I guess something is working okay.

Follow me along as I progress on this WW journey. I'm committed to exercising more and to incorporating weights into my workouts. I even got up on Sunday morning and did a Jillian Michaels workout, before church. I worked so hard and got so sleepy, I laid down and took a nap and slept right through Church and had to miss. (oops).


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