July 14, 2013

Day 5 of 10! Halfway there.....

I really love the weekends and what they have to offer, but what I really don't like about the weekends is how a diet can go topsy-turvy in no time. That was my fear, as I faced my first weekend on "the plan".

Anyway, Friday night was pretty chill. I got home from work and watched "Safe Haven", with Miss Thing. I ordered it from Netflix weeks ago, but hadn't had the time to sit down and watch it. Finally, I made myself sit and enjoy the movie. It was a good movie. I want to watch it again, because I missed the very, very beginning and that is important in this movie.
That's my boy!
That's my girl - beating up on the boys.

Saturday we had to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to go watch the kiddos play indoor soccer. I was a proud momma bear, though, because it's been a few years since the kids actually played on a team together. It was neat to see them working together on the field. And of course, I missed the opportunity to snap a photo of them on the field together, so here they are in separate pictures.

After we watch their first game, we busted it home to get some chores done. The girls cleaned house, while the boys trimmed trees. We all got finished about the same time and settled into lunch and relaxation for a bit, before having to go back into the city for game #2. 

As I'm loading the dogs into the garage and the pig into his kennel, for a few hours from the scorching heat, the kids and hubby are frantically looking for the cat. They can't find him. Tyler put him in Jayden's room, but kitty was nowhere to be found there. 

Day 3 of having a cat and we have lost him. Great. Just great. 

We had to get going, because we are already running a few minutes behind and have to pick up another player along the way. We get to the soccer fields and luckily they were running 15 minutes behind, so we were actually early. While there, I managed to lose my keys. Yay! Luckily, I must've left them on the counter when I was checking field schedules and someone turned them in for me. (Thank you, Baby Jesus!)

After game #2, we rushed out of the soccer complex, after locating said lost keys, and booked it to Target to shop for the birthday party Jayden was going to attend later that evening. We got all of that done and headed home, so Tyler could clean up and get to a swim party by 4:00.
Oh, and we found kitty! We knew he had to be in Jayden's room, because that's where Tyler had left him prior to us leaving for the second game. I opened up her bottom drawer of her dresser and he was all snuggled in the blankets we keep in there. Whew! 
On the way to drop him off, we also dropped off the extra player we had picked up prior to game #2. (Extra player = Jayden's friend/Tyler's ex-girlfriend).

We dropped them off at their designated locations and went home to enjoy two hours of silence in the pool. (which we have managed to neglect pretty much all summer). I bought a floatie at Target, so I was anxious to try it out. It was so hot yesterday, so the pool was just the ticket for cooling off and napping, apparently.
Don't mind the green water. That's what happens when you don't get in your pool enough to keep the dirt stirred up.

We had a great (short) nap on our floaties, until it was time to take Miss Thing to her Slumber Party at 6:00.

Scott had invited me to go see a movie after dinner, but was worried about the popcorn situation. I can't (not) have popcorn while watching a movie at the Theater. I told him, I could probably swing a small popcorn and be okay.  So after dinner, we freshened up and headed to the movies to see "The Heat". I did order a small popcorn, which we shared, and had a bottle of water.
On our way to the movie!

That movie was hands down, one of the funniest movies in a long time. I laughed so hard, I snorted. I don't snort when I laugh. It was so funny. Melissa McCarthy is a riot and pair her with Sandra Bullock, you have double-hilarious.

I was very mindful of my popcorn helpings and drank my water. I got home and stepped on the scale and was scared what today's weigh-in could bring. I didn't want to be set back, but I didn't want to not enjoy popcorn at a movie. (Although, I will say the popcorn didn't taste as good as I was hoping it would.)

Long story short...here's today's scale reading: 162.4

I'm a little bummed, because I did gain and I don't feel like I ate enough popcorn to cause that. Here's my theory. If my BMR is in the 1500's, that means I should be able to eat my 950 calorie diet and still lose. Mind you, I ate more than that yesterday, but I also moved a lot more yesterday than I would sitting at work all day. I cleaned house, I walked, etc.

I'm not throwing in the towel yet, though. It's a minor set back and today is going to be a good day, so hopefully tomorrow's scale reading will be twice as wonderful! Maybe since it's cooler and a little rainy out, I will go for a run after Church.


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