July 11, 2013

Day 2 of 10!

Well, because I'm a jacknab that forgot to look closely at the scale before starting, I have no idea what my starting weight was. My husband thinks it was 167, but I'm remembering 168.2. At any rate, they are both bad, considering have been in the low 160's for 5 months. (Slipping down to 155 for a few days in April)

Day 2 is complete and I'm feeling pretty good! I was terrified that I wouldn't enjoy the same foods, but I think at this point, I'm just excited to eat!

I'm living with Truvia. (I've never been a fan, but because that's the only thing I can have to sweeten my coffee and grapefruit, I'm just going to power through it!) 

I don't have a lot of energy right now, but it is hard for me to know if that is the diet, heat, stress, or being on the go for 2 straight weeks. I'm going to keep a mindful eye on it, because I have read about people who have gone Paleo and felt like crap for a week or two, then burst with energy. (I'm ready to be at that point). 

Mentally, I am staying tough. I know if I say "this sucks" or "I'm sick of this food", I will cave and be calling the local pizza joint for a large, greasy pizza pie. 

I'm doing the right things for my body. Yes, it's a weird to have to eat the same things for 10 days, but I'm hopeful that Jackie Warner knows what she's talking about.

I'm powering right through the 3 liters of water, like a champ! I have even consumed more than the 3 liters and probably exceeded just a hair over a gallon. 

Exercise hasn't been something I have done a lot of. Because this phase is only 950 calories of food, it is recommended that you not burn more than a few hundred calories. She does have some workouts designed specifically for this phase, but again, I have no energy. 

We did play softball Tuesday evening, but everything felt different to me. I wasn't catching well, I wasn't hitting well, and I wasn't running well. Mind you, it was 100+ degrees out, our team shirts are black, and I hadn't eaten anything since my 3:00 snack, which consisted of celery and almond butter.
Here are my scale readings, so far.
Day 1: 167 (??)
Day 2: 164.8
Day 3: 163.8 (Since I'm just starting day 3, I thought I would go ahead and record my weight.)

I do weigh myself at the same time everyday. First thing in the morning, after I pee.

Not bad for just being 2 days in!


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