September 2, 2012

Long weekend!

So....we made it our mission to stay home this weekend and to keep from spending money as much as possible. Well, let me put it it to you this way.....I suck at playing a poor person. Completely and utterly suck. This test that we have endured this weekend made me realize how much we really do spend on any given day and how much that makes me happy! Two wrongs - don't make a right, but seriously......this girl likes retail therapy a lot. Bad, bad, bad! 

Yesterday was really unproductive. I laid around and watched shows on Netflix I should have bed sores for all of the lounging I did. It was nice, since it's something we don't do often, but I felt completely worthless. 

Today I folded. I completely melted and had to get out of the house and shop. A simple trip to Wal-mart to get ingredients for making cookies with royal icing. Less than $20 spent. Boom! {Side note: I would kill to have a bakery. Cupcakes and cookies, people. It could be a big thing in this town as we only have donut shops currently. I'm seriously plotting. Seriously plotting. End side note}

Well since it was like a million degrees outside, the dough wouldn't harden like it was supposed to, so the cookies will have to continue tomorrow morning. I'm super excited to see the results. I love how pretty cookies can be. I'm hoping my cookies will be halfway presentable, at least! (Practice, practice, practice!)

Hope everyone else is enjoying their long weekend! I'm off to finish my football fantasy draft and continue watching the series....Breaking Bad! 

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