September 16, 2012

The Awkward Moment when.....

The awkward moment when you buy a phone (Blackberry - love me some Blackberry) from a complete stranger and in the midst of setting it up and making it completely yours you stumble across a peculiar picture. 

A picture that appears to be of a baby's bottom. (Front bottom - not back bottom). First thought? "Oh he has a baby girl. Awww!" Second thought. "Oh baby girl must have had a diaper rash or this dude is into child pornography." Third thought. "Um, yeah. Babies don't shave, so I'm guessing wifey decided to get rid of the carpet and sport the all natural look and share with the hubs." Fourth thought. "Who forgets to delete their inappropriate pictures from their phone before selling it?" Fifth thought. "My hands have been all over this phone already, please God don't let there have been any love juice on this phone."

Still love the Blackberry. Maybe I should nickname it the "crack"berry. Eww! 

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