September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here's what I am loving this Wednesday:

***Breaking Bad*** Best show EVAH! Seriously, if you like drama, suspense-like shows....this is the one! A brief summary about it: A high school science teacher is diagnosed with lung cancer. He is the only one working in his household. His wife is pregnant with a "surprise" baby and his high school aged son as cerebral palsy. Desperate for financial stability, Walt (high school science teacher) joins up with former student, Jesse, and they manufacture meth to sell on the streets. All seasons (excluding 2012) available on instant stream via Netflix. GET. IT. NOW!

I'm not going to lie, this guy kind of freaks me out! 

***Titanic*** Available on DVD September 10th. This is one movie we have never owned and when I went searching high and low for it, it wasn't available. Come to find out it was because they were re-releasing it on DVD since it the movie was recently shown in Theaters via 3D. My kids have never seen it and, in my opinion, a classic movie. We will own it soon!

***Sugar Cookies*** I made a couple of batches the other day. I did decorate them, but that reveal will come when I practice more and can compare bad with better (hopefully). I'm excited! I have a few projects in mind for friends and family, so I hope to get some more cookies made this weekend while the temps are in the 80's.

***Eli Young Band*** They will be coming to the OKC area.....the day after my birthday! Booyah! Tickets go on sale this Friday, so this girl bettah be getting some tickets. As you can tell me and my friend, Mike Eli, go way back. So yeah. I can't disappoint. 

***Fantasy Football*** This is my first evah Fantasy Football league draft. Whew....was it intense! Thanks to my friend, Vino, I survived. Barely. (Luckily, my husband is well educated in the sports area!) Oh yeah, and my team name? Shidiots. Love it. 

Hope your Wednesday has been wonderful and may your Thursday be even better! 

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