May 31, 2012

Weighing In.....

I grew up bean pole skinny. I have never been one to worry about my weight, even during the fun puberty years. I grew a few curves, but never worried about "weight". 

I got married a few months after I graduated High School. I was pregnant a few months after that. (we were newlyweds, what can we say?) After I gave birth, I went right back to my pre-pregnancy weight and shape. 17 months later, I gave birth to my daughter. Again, skinny. 

It wasn't until we moved to Oklahoma that I started to notice the change in my weight. Not significant, but noticeable. That was 9 years ago. In the last night years, I have managed to gain 30lbs, lose 30lbs, and gain it all again. It's frustrating.

For the past 9 months, I have been conscious about exercising regularly. I started the Couch to 5k program and saw myself progress over the weeks. My husband was traveling quite a bit and the season was turning from Fall to Winter, so I stopped that program. For Christmas, we bought a treadmill and that allowed me to do some running while avoiding the wintery weather. When Winter turned to Spring, we were in pretty good shape and we ran our 2nd (ever) 5k. I was proud of my accomplishment and results.

My weakness is food. I tolerate working out, because I always feel good afterwards, but food is GLORIOUS! We purchased Insanity a few months ago and have been fairly committed to the workouts. We've had to miss workouts here or there, because life happens and there's not a lot you can do about that, but we have worked out more than we missed.

I can't help but get frustrated when I know I work really hard during the workouts, but don't see a lot of results on the scale. I have heard  read that I need to eat more to accommodate the high intensity workouts. It's just weird to me that when I don't workout, I lose more weight then when I do workout. I thought it was "calories in, calories out"?!?!?!?  

I'm trying to keep the faith and know I'm doing it the right way. "Slow and steady wins the race". I'm losing inches and it's noticeable, but I would be super ecstatic to lose a couple of pounds. Just a few pounds to keep me motivated and help my sanity....


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  1. I'm having this problem too. I've never been pregnant but I went through bad depression and put on about 30 pounds, i literally CANNOT lose it.

    I've lost 6 pounds, and that's where I stay. It's horrible and absolutely defeating :(


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