May 30, 2012

What I am Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving: that it's already Wednesday, so that means only 2 more days until the weekend! (I love my job, I really do).
I'm loving: that it rained enough last night to save our grass from dying! (more on the way tonight!)
I'm loving: that the hubs and I will get some much needed time alone next week, while the kids travel out of state. 
I'm loving: that 2 of the fur-babies got groomed yesterday. They look so much better!
I'm loving: that my good friend, Tiasha, is getting married this weekend! I'm so happy for her and Austin!
I'm loving: that the scale didn't change much from Friday to Tuesday, even though I ate like a buffalo most of those days. ;0)
I'm loving: that I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. It is looking NNNNAAAAASSSSTTTTYY!!!



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