May 26, 2012

Let the weekend begin......

I love getting off of work early on Holiday weekends. My company was nice enough to let us out at noon. I met the hubs at home and we tackled a few chores, so we could save the fun for Saturday! 

My chore: weed pulling. :(

I was very excited to plant flowers in our front garden this year. The problem is that the weeds are growing better/faster than the flowers. (boo!)

Hubby's chore: Cleaning the pool.

We are terrible about covering our pool during the winter. (If you want to call it was the mildest one I can remember.)

We have good intentions every fall, but something ALWAYS comes up, to keep us from closing down the pool properly. He cleaned out most of the garb and we started filling the pool with fresh water. Fingers crossed, we will have an opportunity to at least float around tomorrow or Monday! 

Meet Bentley. Isn't he cute?

Hope everyone has a safe Holiday weekend!



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