October 1, 2012

Weekend Update!

Here's what happened in my world this weekend:

Baxter and Boots napping on a rainy Saturday morning
"Bootsy Baby"
Piggys play with piggys
Sweet and Sweeter
TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) Saw it on our way to Sam's.
New Cookie Icing (Royal Glaze) Attempt #2 = Success!
New Cookie Icing (Royal Glaze) Attempt #2 = Success!

She never answered back. I think she passed out. ;0)
My version of the Olympic rings - cookie style
Night before race = Carb load.

Puppy Love
Silly Boys
Scott trying like hell to get Tyler into that thing.
Race day breakfast carb load
Breakfast - recipe soon!
Pre-race fuel
409th Place Baby!!! I was actually really pleased with my time, considering I walked. A lot. I wasn't mentally prepared for the hills. Note to self: train more on hills, so you don't freak out when the entire race is hilly! 
Must have after the race. I so deserved it.
Bedtime snack
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