October 9, 2012

Weekend Update (Better late than never!)

I'm going to pretend for a second that my weekend started Thursday. It did...kind of. My sister, mom, niece, and niece-in-law came down from Kansas to attend the 2012 Kellogg's gymnastics tour. I purchased the tickets a couple of months ago as a birthday gift for my mom. Her and my sister went back in 1996 (I believe) and enjoyed it, so since they were touring here in OKC, I thought it would be fun for us all to go. 

Walking to the Chesapeake Energy Arena, we saw this. Sorry for the blurry picture. 

Who has two thumbs and got upgraded to the lower level section? This girl! (Well technically we all did - which was totally awesome! We were a little disappointed to be in the 3rd level, but ticket prices were super expensive, so free seats in the lower level was super!)
Our view of the floor, from our new seats! 

Oh dad. How you crack me up! My mom had texted my dad to tell him we got upgraded to the lower level.
My dad never texts, so we were surprised when he sent a text back to her saying "Lucky U".
I then sent a text to my dad that was similar to this: "Hi Dad! I just wanted to say that I'm super proud of you for texting mom back and it didn't take an hour." This is what I got for a response. Cute, eh? I thought so. 

We introduced my mom to Honey Boo Boo Child. She laughed a lot, so I'm guessing she liked it.
(And when I say liked, I mean laugh hysterically at people that actually live like this and film it. I seriously wonder why we allow this on television and then wonder why I'm obsessively tuned in)
Yeah Buddy! 
Jayden and her Papa acting silly
Gracie and Boots attacking Papa. 
To DIE for. For real. 
Best cupcakes eva.
My sweet Baleigh girl. 
K-State Purple icing. Complete accident. Blech. 
Icing is ready for the kids to decorate cookies
I actually let the kids.... gasp....decorate their own cookies.  

Well lovies, I'm outta here. Big day tomorrow! David Nail is in concert and I won tickets from a local radio station. And.....the radio station called today and said "Surprise! You can go to the sound check and see the exclusive behind the scenes backstage happenings." I was like hell to the yeah. Hopefully, I will have some awesome pics to show you, but be warned, it will be from my phone camera. (I'm scared to haul my big camera in, only to be told it's not allowed and then have to do the walk of shame back to the car.)

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