October 23, 2012

Negative Nancy

I hate walking into work late. It just messes my whole day up, but when Scott's traveling, it's almost inevitable.

That's how my day started. I pulled into the work parking lot at 7:57 (according to my car clock). By the time I got to my desk, my desk phone said 8:08. Weird. I'm pretty sure it doesn't take 11 minutes to go from the parking lot to floor 20. 

Anyway, that's how the day started. 8 minutes late to work, no reminders on my calendar, shut off the alarm, so instead of waking up at 5 something, I woke up at 6 something. I did get the pig fed, everyone out the door on time, trash to the curb, kids dropped off at their respective school. Doh. Forgot to feed the dogs. Daggnabbit. Poor puppies. I bet they were hungry all day. I'm glad I didn't realize that until this evening, or  I would have felt horrible all day long. I already felt bad for leaving them outside on a cloudy day. I am so glad it didn't bust out pouring rain. That would have been bad. 

I digress...

I get to work 8 minutes late. Argh. Still ticked about that whole thing. I'm pretty sure our work clocks are off, but I guess that would mean we are leaving before 4 everyday. Boom!

There's a lady at work that I will refer to as "negative Nancy" (NN). (I'm not trying to offend any Nancy readers, just trying to make a point. I think. And please note...her name isn't even Nancy) When I walked into work late, she (NN) is already gritching about something. Not just a typical gritch (oh wait, for her I think it is typical), but a sons of b***hes this and sh*t that. I think, "Great. It's going to be one of THOSE days." I, along with the other 6 innocent bystanders in our department, had to listen to her go on and on and on and on about this, that, and the other (which basically in a nutshell was a rant about her duties and her broker...aka her job). And trust me, when it's a problem for her....it's a problem for us all. 45 minutes of griping. This whole time I'm thinking about jumping out of the 20th floor window, even though they don't open. I'm also texting my friend who used to work in that department, but bless her lucky soul, she moved to Dallas in June. She felt my pain for a second. She remembered what it was like when NN went on about her inconveniences in life, (NN seems to have many - many being an understatement). She (my friend) was quick to remember that she was smart several months back and jumped ship. That was the end of her feeling sorry for me. 
I don't blame her. I wouldn't feel sorry either. 

Oh wait. What's that?!?! 

The rant about her having to do her job is over. THANK GOD! Uh oh? Not the debate.....NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

So that my friends led me to putting in my earphones for the remainder of the day. My ears were practically bleeding from the constant flow of gritch coming out of this lady's mouth.

I mean, we all have bad days, but ya'll don't understand. This lady lives in a bad day kinda world. Everyday it's a new problem, bigger than the last. I constantly have to try and think of something different during one of her rants, otherwise I will be sitting in the HR office, getting wrote up for "not playing nice in the sandbox". 

So I tried to focus on happier things......

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These pens rock. 
#pretty #colorful #happy

Take that, Negative Nancy. 

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