November 27, 2012

Promising to do better.....

Wow! It's been awhile. It feels so nice to be back in the blog world, fingers on my keyboard, typing away. I've missed this. I've missed my blog friends and I have missed sharing our life with my readers.

Things at work are slowing down, so this gives me a good opportunity to jump back into blogging. (read: reading blogs.) I have so much catching up to do here in this bloggy blog world. Please bear with me as I am not 100% back tonight, but I promise I will be coming around more frequently. I have a crapton of photos to share. So much so that photobucket has been angry at me for awhile, not allowing me to upload anymore photos. Bums.

So...let's call this a teaser if you will. A teaser that promises more to come. And a teaser that keeps my mom and my husband entertained for 5 minutes. I kid, I kid.  Speaking of husband, this is his contribution to my blog. Enjoy.... jkjujjjjj. Such a sweet guy, huh? 

Here are a few pics, just to keep this post interesting. Ha!

Promising more tomorrow!

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