November 28, 2012


When I logged into my Blogger account last night and promised more writing, I had no idea I would be writing about this today. One of my favorite blogs to read is Living in Yellow. It is typically a very light-hearted and funny blog that makes me laugh out loud...a lot. The past couple of days, it has been a little somber over in LIY world. You can read more about that here and here.

I hate cancer.
hate it.
hate it.
hate it.

I especially hate cancer when it affects little kids. Kids are so innocent and pure and deserve to be happy, carefree, and healthy. All of the things in life that you and I take for granted every. single. day., this little guy only can hope and dream about.

Please do what you can. Pray, donate, do whatever you can to help this little guy and his family out.

There's a paypal option on Erin's site. I tried to transfer it to mine for easy access, but it wouldn't work. Please help. If you are considering a donation to the lottery fund, please consider a donation to Mr. Isaac and his family.

Thank you! 


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