November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Scale: I'm not sure why you decided to go in the direction of down this week, but I LIKE IT! Keep it up!! 

Dear Nook: I plan on spending quite a bit of time with you this weekend. I'm beginning to like you a lot! 

Dear Scentsy Stock: Seriously. We need to separate a bit. 89 bars in stock?!? That's cray cray! Glad the girls at work were looking for fabulous deals before Christmas, because I am the mother of fabulous deals! (when it comes to Scentsy, at least!) Do my lovely readers want a fabulous Scentsy deal? Ok, twist my arm. Email me and I will hook ya up. :0) 
89 bars in 1 bag + 20 floor @ work = workout.

Dear Peanut Butter: We've been having a little bit of a love affair lately. I enjoy our time together around 2:00 - 3:00 every afternoon. Yummmmmmmmm

Dear Bedroom: I'm so excited to pursue a remodel on you in the next few weeks. New king size bed, dresser, tv, paint, fan, bedding, etc. It will be so fun and so worth the time and effort. 

Dear November: In some aspects it seems like this has been the longest month ever, but then I'm like "whoa, it's almost December. Christmas is like 25 days away." That's crazy talk.

Dear Gray Hair: Please ease up. I'm 2 weeks away from my next appt. and I'm looking a little rough. Note to self: appts will have to be four weeks apart, not six.

Hope you all have a great weekend! TTFN

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